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10k Apart Entries (Shameless Self Promotion)

August 23, 2010


So I finally finished my two entries in the 10k Apart competition and the second one has been added to the site. TwitFlick is a simple app without any real purpose in life. It simply makes a couple of Ajax calls to Flickr and Twitter and displaying the latest 10 entries of each together. JQuery […]

Virtual Private Server and Other Distractions

August 15, 2010


There goes the consistent posting habit. At least a couple of weeks isn’t as bad as it has been before and there have been a number of reasons for not writing a blog post until now. Virtual Private Servers and Cakes As some of you may know by now I’ve been working on a new […]

Computer Science Needs More Rockstars

July 30, 2010


Like me you may well have missed the recent online debate about Google offering funding to women in Computer Science (whether students or working full time). A number of comments that followed pointed out the lack of female role models in the industry. This made me think, how many role models are there, male or […]

Triple-booting a Phoenix Laptop

June 8, 2010


A friend recently donated an old laptop to me that she no longer used. It had been lying around since failing to boot and a local computer shop telling her that the hard drive would need replacing (and that the data on it wasn’t salvageable). I gladly accepted the 1.63Ghz dual core laptop knowing that […]

Is the UK Government Getting I.T. Right at Last?

March 26, 2010


I’m not sure if this is a sign of getting old or feeling ill but after hearing Gordon Brown’s speech about Britain’s Digital Future earlier this week I actually felt that it might work out well. In addition to the much discussed plans to roll out high speed broadband to everyone (paid for by the […]

Assignments been, gone and already on their way back

January 6, 2010


First semester of third year is over except for exams and it’s been a busy few weeks with assignments.  As well as my major project progress report I’ve had assignments in Server-Side Technology, Visualisation and Computer Vision which I will explain briefly below. Server-Side Technology Server-Side involved taking a partially implemented Ruby on Rails web […]

Installing OpenDX on Leopard

November 8, 2009


Recently we’ve been using OpenDX in my Visualisation module at uni so I thought I’d install it at home so I could go through the worksheets at my leisure. OpenDX is a visualisation tool that started off as an IBM product but has since been released under an open source license. Despite this OpenDX is […]