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Screenshot of the CCMixtape application

A screenshot of the CCMixtape application

My 2nd entry in the 10k Apart competition is based around the new HTML5 Audio element. As it is now possible for browsers to play audio natively I decided that it would be interesting to create a web app that could play a complete playlist of songs.

The application uses the Jamendo API to search for songs, the Audio HTML5 element to play the songs and HTML5 localStorage object to save and reload the playlist. The whole application is held together with JQuery (particularly the Ajax requests and onclick actions) and is only 10,044 bytes in size.

*For Internet Explorer CCMixtape only works in the developer preview version of IE 9 as earlier versions do not support the Audio element in any way.


View TwitFlick

Screenshot of the TwitFlick application

A screenshot of the TwitFlick application

My 1st entry in the 10k Apart competition is more of a technical demo than a fully fledged web application. TwitFlick takes a Flickr and Twitter username from the user and creates a display of the 10 latest entries from each service in a view reminiscent of a Polaroid.

The site uses HTML5 and CSS3 supported by the latest versions of all major browsers* for the effect with the only images used being those that are fetched from Flickr. JQuery was also used for the Ajax elements and to simplify the onclick controls.

*For Internet Explorer TwitFlick only works in the developer preview version of IE 9 as other versions required additional coding that would not fit in the 10kb limit.


Debbie’s Cake’ole

View Debbie’s Cake’ole

Screenshot of Debbie's Cake'ole website

A screenshot of Debbie's Cake'ole website

A website created for a small cake making and decorating business in North Wales. The customer wanted a complete redesign of their website as well as a review of the site content and page structure. Together we decided upon the structure used to satisfy the business objectives of the site and to ensure the site provided a good user experience.

The site uses a specifically created PHP class to connect to Flickr for all of the cake photographs used. This allows the site owner to add and update photos easily without requiring a full CMS system or having to manually change any HTML. Another feature of the site is the custom Google Map on the ‘Where Are We?’ page.

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