New Theme

July 29, 2010


A quick post to explain the reasoning behind the change of theme. The old theme was only ever meant to be temporary until I sorted out a new, custom site and theme. However a combination of customer sites, other projects, hobby photography, the desire to build a simple CMS from the ground up and a […]

Long Live The Mouse

July 28, 2010


If you believe the hype then Apple have redefined yet another everyday item. The new Magic Trackpad will make everything better and the old mouse will be thrown out without a second thought. At least, that appears to be the thought of many people. This includes the technology editor at New Scientist when he writes […]

To Do This Week

July 25, 2010


I’m currently suffering from something that affects many students (and probably other people) during Summer: procrastination. With nothing that ‘needs’ doing and all day, every day to do it in I find it too easy to just watch TV, play computer games and spend time browsing the internet while watching Twitter for updates. This isn’t […]

“Digital Inclusion” and “Panic Buttons”

July 12, 2010


Today has seen two big announcements about the internet. First up was the media coverage of the Digital Inclusion manifesto from the Champion for Digital Inclusion, Martha Lane Fox which sets out the aims and objectives of Race Online 2012. The other announcement is that Facebook have dropped their opposition to the CEOP “panic button” […]

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Punditry and Photography

July 7, 2010


As you will, no doubt, have noticed the football World Cup is on at the moment and as a fairly keen football fan I’ve watched the majority of the matches and wish to share my thoughts so far. Vociferous Vuvuzelas First up, the vuvuzela. Controversial throughout I see little reason for the proposed outright ban. […]

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Triple-booting a Phoenix Laptop

June 8, 2010


A friend recently donated an old laptop to me that she no longer used. It had been lying around since failing to boot and a local computer shop telling her that the hard drive would need replacing (and that the data on it wasn’t salvageable). I gladly accepted the 1.63Ghz dual core laptop knowing that […]

Playstation 3 (and Apologies)

June 3, 2010


As you may have noticed I’ve been conspicuously absent for a while again. Part of the reason is that I tend to be a perfectionist with my writing. I had three or four posts that I’d started and never finished about the election, university visiting days and my completed dissertation so I’ve decided to scrap […]