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New Personal Website

February 7, 2011


Finally finished my new website. For the foreseeable future the blog will be staying here while I work on integrating WordPress with the new site and how best to lay everything out. So go ahead and visit the new JustAnotherMark website. Advertisements

New Theme

July 29, 2010


A quick post to explain the reasoning behind the change of theme. The old theme was only ever meant to be temporary until I sorted out a new, custom site and theme. However a combination of customer sites, other projects, hobby photography, the desire to build a simple CMS from the ground up and a […]

To Do This Week

July 25, 2010


I’m currently suffering from something that affects many students (and probably other people) during Summer: procrastination. With nothing that ‘needs’ doing and all day, every day to do it in I find it too easy to just watch TV, play computer games and spend time browsing the internet while watching Twitter for updates. This isn’t […]

F-F-F-Flickr Photos (Finally)

April 24, 2010


I finally got around to uploading some more of my photos to Flickr today. Although I have a backlog of photos from most of the last year that I haven’t sorted and uploaded yet I’ve decided to try and do the latest ones first and to keep up to date with any photos I take […]

Semester One Results

March 9, 2010


I’m a little behind due to work on my augmented reality major project (update coming soon) but last Thursday my results for semester one came out and…I’m pretty pleased with them. All but two were equivalent to a first class degree mark (70%+) and even the other two were close. For anyone in their final […]

Computers Owned (and other tech stuff)

October 25, 2009


So I thought another good introduction post would be to describe the computers (and related objects) that I own. The computer I use most is my Macbook that I bought second hand from ebay.  Despite this it’s lasting quite well considering I normally get through laptops quite quickly.  I recently considered upgrading to a new […]

The Beginning of the End

October 25, 2009


So I’ve finally got around to this blogging lark and I need a post to get it all going so why not start with an introduction. I’m Mark, a 3rd year MEng Software Engineering student at Aberystwyth University. As you’d expect from this I’m very interested in computers and technology. Although far from knowledgeable in […]