10k Apart Entries (Shameless Self Promotion)

Posted on August 23, 2010


So I finally finished my two entries in the 10k Apart competition and the second one has been added to the site.

TwitFlick is a simple app without any real purpose in life. It simply makes a couple of Ajax calls to Flickr and Twitter and displaying the latest 10 entries of each together. JQuery is used to scatter the entries across the web page and to allow the user to select an entry to bring to the front. The user can enter any combination of Twitter and Flickr usernames and reload the page. As I said, not very exciting but it was interesting to see what could be developed within 10 kilobytes while connecting to 2 different APIs.

CCMixtape is an altogether more useful application. The app connects to the Jamendo music community and allows users to create a playlist from the creative commons licensed songs available on the site. This was far more interesting to develop as 4 key elements of functionality were required and without any of them the web app wouldn’t be of much use: Search for songs, Add and remove songs from a playlist, Play songs from the playlist (with other expected controls) and Save the playlist for use the next time the user returns to the page.

Fortunately, the main parts of these were covered by a number of guides and tutorials. Accessing the Jamendo database of songs was covered by the Jamendo Developer Area, the functions regarding the new HTML5 audio element have been explained in a number of places but I found the guide from HTML5 Doctor particularly useful. The WebReference client-side storage page explained all I needed to know about the new localStorage (and alternative client side storage) objects.

Put them together, stir well and a few short hours later your new music playing webapp is ready to serve. Once the competition is closed I will make the applications available elsewhere and update the links as necessary. In the mean time feel free to check them out on the 10k Apart website (TwitFlick and CCMixtape) and vote, comment or tweet if you want.