To Do This Week

Posted on July 25, 2010


I’m currently suffering from something that affects many students (and probably other people) during Summer: procrastination. With nothing that ‘needs’ doing and all day, every day to do it in I find it too easy to just watch TV, play computer games and spend time browsing the internet while watching Twitter for updates.

This isn’t for a lack of projects or things to do though. Therefore, in order to encourage me to get things done this week I’m going to make a list of things to do and put them online so that, at least in theory, there is more impetus to get them done.

The list (in priority order)

  1. Continue with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the Bryn Elltyd B&B website
  2. Write a blog post about SEO and some of the techniques I will use for the point above
  3. Add electronic versions of my dissertation and a couple of other assignments to my Portfolio section
  4. Write a blog post about the PHP class I’ve created to parse the XML in an RSS feed (with explicit Last.Fm and Twitter extensions)
  5. Continue work on the database-less CMS I have started as an experiment and, depending upon progress, possibly write a blog post about it

I fully expect to get at least the first 4 points done within the next week and hope to get some work on the last point.

So there we are, not a very interesting blog post but a post that will hopefully encourage me to actually do something productive with my free time. I shall report back with the success in about a week (although the blog post goals will be fairly obvious if they succeed).