Playstation 3 (and Apologies)

Posted on June 3, 2010


As you may have noticed I’ve been conspicuously absent for a while again. Part of the reason is that I tend to be a perfectionist with my writing. I had three or four posts that I’d started and never finished about the election, university visiting days and my completed dissertation so I’ve decided to scrap them all and start afresh with new posts that I’ll actually post.

First up in this new wave of posting is my purchase of a PS3. When the PS3 first came out I was reasonably impressed but saw little to no way of justifying the cost of updating from my PS2. Then the Wii came out and I was sold on the control system and how developers were being forced to think differently when making games. So with two games consoles that I was more than happy with I saw even less reasons to buy a PS3 (or an Xbox 360 for that matter).

However, the idea of a home theatre PC always seemed interesting and the idea of being able to watch ripped DVDs without having to find the disc every time greatly appealed. Researching the idea seemed to suggest that something like an Acer Revo would suffice (but little else). Furthermore ripping DVDs would have been difficult without an optical drive. On the off chance I decided to check the cost of second hand PS3s knowing that they could handle High Definition films and play Blu Ray discs. Turns out that the new PS3 Slims were available for roughly the same price as the home theatre style computers, more highly specced and could play the latest games…how could I say no? The local independent video game and DVD store were even undercutting GAME by £50.

A week and some ebay scouring later and I have a selection of 7-8 games including Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, LittleBigPlanet, Kane & Lynch, Brutal Legend and Resistance so if anyone wants to play online my PSN is just-mark-1987 .