The Beginning of the End

Posted on October 25, 2009


So I’ve finally got around to this blogging lark and I need a post to get it all going so why not start with an introduction. I’m Mark, a 3rd year MEng Software Engineering student at Aberystwyth University. As you’d expect from this I’m very interested in computers and technology. Although far from knowledgeable in the areas I’m currently becoming more interested in computer vision and robotics.

This semester I’m studying Computer Vision, Server Side Software, Agile Methodologies, Visualisation and Space Robotics. On top of this there is my major project which is to do with augmented reality on mobile phones although this is still in the early stages at the moment.

Outside of computers and technology I’m an avid reader, particularly science fiction (ok, so not completely away from technology) and anything that’s a bit unusual. Other interests include watching and playing football, keeping up to date with science developments and watching films (and probably other things that will become apparent as the blog goes on).

Anyway, that’s probably enough for now so I’ll end this first post here.