Computers Owned (and other tech stuff)

Posted on October 25, 2009


So I thought another good introduction post would be to describe the computers (and related objects) that I own.

The computer I use most is my Macbook that I bought second hand from ebay.  Despite this it’s lasting quite well considering I normally get through laptops quite quickly.  I recently considered upgrading to a new Macbook Pro but decided against it in the end as the real advantage would have been that the dvd drive would work.

My other computer is an Acer T180 that I’ve added more RAM to and a specific graphics card (a Radeon X1950 pro if you’re interested).  This computer has been having problems of late though.  Quite often it takes a number of attempts to boot up (two long beeps before the bios and then freezing on the Acer screen sometimes) and programs have that bad habit of crashing although part of this could probably be put down to running Vista.  Due to the graphics card being considered ‘legacy’ by ATI there were also problems with the latest version of Ubuntu when I tried to dual boot the system which made the screen flicker constantly.

As I’d been saving up to replace the Macbook I decided to keep I am now planning on building myself a new desktop pc to replace the current desktop.  The new machine will have an Athlon X4 processor, a Radeon 5850 graphics card, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and the 500GB hard drive I’d added to my old PC.  I plan to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 (when released) on it so that I can finally get a good look at Ubuntu and see whether all the good reviews are justified for Windows 7.

In addition to my computers I also own a Playstation 2 and a Nintendo Wii for easier gaming than PCs.  Recently I’ve become quite attached to the online modes of Mario Kart and Pro Evolution 2009 on the Wii so if anyone fancies a game then get in touch with me.