New Personal Website

February 7, 2011


Finally finished my new website. For the foreseeable future the blog will be staying here while I work on integrating WordPress with the new site and how best to lay everything out. So go ahead and visit the new JustAnotherMark website. Advertisements

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Dismantling the Facts on Fees

December 9, 2010


As you will have noticed, there is a lot of debate about tuition fees at the moment. While I disapprove of the new proposal, the worst thing about the situation is the stream of disinformation coming from MPs and other people in support of the proposal. I had prepared a long post about tuition fees […]

Rebranding Student Debt

November 24, 2010


Recently a number of MPs, including the Universities Minister David Willetts, have tried to argue that increased tuition fees shouldn’t affect the proportion of lower-income students going to university as the fees are not paid up front. I cannot remember who said it but one person interviewed even stated that student loans shouldn’t be considered […]

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Beginner’s Guide to SEO: rel = ‘no-follow’

September 14, 2010


I’ve recently created a website for Debbie’s Cake’ole and, as usual, I offered minimal Search Engine Optimisation services with the site. Now I’m far from an expert in SEO but I assumed a well made, valid HTML website with reasonable URL structure, headings, titles, links and description would be more than enough to get Google […]

10k Apart Entries (Shameless Self Promotion)

August 23, 2010


So I finally finished my two entries in the 10k Apart competition and the second one has been added to the site. TwitFlick is a simple app without any real purpose in life. It simply makes a couple of Ajax calls to Flickr and Twitter and displaying the latest 10 entries of each together. JQuery […]

Virtual Private Server and Other Distractions

August 15, 2010


There goes the consistent posting habit. At least a couple of weeks isn’t as bad as it has been before and there have been a number of reasons for not writing a blog post until now. Virtual Private Servers and Cakes As some of you may know by now I’ve been working on a new […]

Computer Science Needs More Rockstars

July 30, 2010


Like me you may well have missed the recent online debate about Google offering funding to women in Computer Science (whether students or working full time). A number of comments that followed pointed out the lack of female role models in the industry. This made me think, how many role models are there, male or […]